Open to ideas

I am currently working on (or rather, thinking about) lining up posts ahead of time for when I am out of town over Memorial Day weekend. I don't want there to be a blank silence from the middle of next week to the beginning of the next. Plenty of interesting things are in health/science news and I have journals lined up just waiting for me to browse. However, I've been extremely busy editing manuscripts and articles for other people. Sometimes, too, I see something interesting and have nothing to say due to mental exhaustion. I'm not a big fan of simply cutting and pasting quotes (though I do that sometimes anyway).

Having said that, I wanted to point out that I am open to suggestions and questions. If there is a topic you are interested in and would like me to dig a little bit, leave me a comment here or stop by Maeflowers and send me off an email. Who knows, maybe the info is already there. I hope to work more diligently on the website in the near future. I plan on moving in July and then will setup a much more agreeable work schedule. As of now I have no work area, not even a desk, and I need that space and organization to be highly functioning.

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