Topics you won't see here

Well, at least not in great factual detail. But only because I am limited by my expertise and specialty, as well as my interests. Though I have a broad range of topics I study, when it comes to the sciences, I'm a health/life/medical snob at heart.

This doesn't make topics I don't discuss any less important though! After all, everything affects everything else.

Take for instance the Myanmar cyclone that has killed an exorbitant number of people and has left even more starving and dying of disease. A recent news report I saw claims that deforestation lead to the severity of the cyclone's impact. In turn, the storm has created an environment where disease will run rampant. This, along with the direct deaths, will affect the economy of the region, which will in turn affect the general public health and quality of life. If the people move elsewhere for a better life they take the diseases with them short-term. The initial deforestation will probably exacerbate this as some diseases have nowhere to go but the human population anyway.

So although I will most likely not discuss climatology, weather patterns, deforestation and environmental issues, or current death tolls of natural disasters - I may discuss the diseases we see as a result.

Other topics likely to be left off my plate - astronomy, physics, quantum anything (lol), chemistry, geology, archeology (mostly), marine biology, and I'll try very very hard to stay away from politics and religion. I do have an interest in those last two, but it's best to stay as neutral as possible to fulfill the mission of this blog. For the record though, I do not subscribe to any particular political school of thought and I do not claim any religion, though I was raised in the teachings of the Lutheran church and have studied other religious philosophies during my teen and adult years.

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