Birth Control Access to Be Limited

I read a very disheartening article about current attempts by the federal government to limit access to birth control. Whether you generally agree with the platform of the author (Hillary Clinton) or not, the idea that women's rights are being rolled back is astounding. Noone forces anyone to take birth control or to practice family planning; it is voluntary, and many women choose to embrace the freedom it offers them. Removing those rights would be detrimental to the health of the American public and reduce the options rape victims have.

There's a link to a petition at the bottom of the article. I signed it. One quarter of teenage girls have sexually transmitted diseases. One third of girls will be pregnant before the age of 20. These numbers are up since the federal government instituted their abstinence-only programs. Ignoring sex and pregnancy doesn't make it go away until "appropriate". This affects the health of the next generation and filters into other social and economic areas.

From a health standpoint, women deserve options.

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