Keeping in the know

When in an academic environment, one has access to a number of learning opportunities - particularly lectures by professors and visiting scientists in the various departments of one's institution. I attended a number of such lectures when I was in graduate school, and even in my undergraduate studies. But how does someone like me, who lives a distance from any major university and with no employment attachment to academia keep up with what is happening.

The answer is the internet. Just as it has made my job possible, it allows me to attend lectures by scientists all over the world via webinars.

Science magazine, the publication of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), has been running webinars sponsored by various institutions and companies. Anyone can register to view them live and ask questions, or to view the archived webinars. I actually have one on right now :)

Stop by the Science webinar site to see what you're missing.

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