Monday, May 12, 2008

Autism is more complicated than this

This is a waste of taxpayers money and the judicial system's time. Families argue autism-vaccine link in special U.S. court. Billions of dollars have been collected in excise taxes on vaccine doses, which should be removed to make the cost of vaccination less. No research has indicated that mercury is deposited in the brain by vaccines and no neurophysiological mechanisms have associated vaccines with autism. The link just isn't there. There is, however, a hereditary link with autism. I'm sorry, but these families need to admit that there's something more complex going on than a vaccine conspiracy. Like most things I urge moderation. Not everything should be vaccinated against. But now we're seeing a resurgence of deadly diseases we once had beat because of the lack of vaccination being promoted by those who keep arguing with the evidence. And currently, vaccines don't even contain the mercury-based preservative thimerasol that's under fire. And removing it did not decrease the rate of autism diagnosis, neither has a decreased vaccine compliance rate. Autism is a complex neurological disorder, that might not even be abnormal. It is deviant from what we define as normal. In recent years the definition and diagnosis has been expanded to include a spectrum of disorders that some doctors argue are not a disorder at all. However, there are many children and adults who live with a debilitating neurological condition. Court battles like this won't help. Money being diverted to real research on the matter and concentrating on giving their children a normal life will.

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