Wednesday, December 24, 2008

FDA troubles for Diet Coke Plus

The beverage Diet Coke Plus may have to be renamed and claims about vitamin and mineral content retracted due to FDA regulations about labeling. The Coca-Cola Company is being officially reprimanded by the Federal agency.

According to HealthDay, a healthier living news agency, Coca-Cola Co. has received a letter from the Food and Drug Administration admonishing them for fortifying a carbonated beverage, which is considered a snack item. Snack items are generally less healthy and fortifying them may lead consumers to believe they are healthy, when in fact no negative attributes have been removed.

The vitamins and minerals in Diet Coke Plus include magnesium and B-12, which benefit the immune system. The agency claims that this is not enough to warrant the company’s claims for the product.

The FDA has asked that the claim “plus” be removed from the label, but the company has stated that they have followed all regulations. A reply and appeal to the FDA is pending.

Read the FDA warning letter issued on Dec 10, 2008.

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