Monday, September 14, 2020

Moving forward

This blog has been an off and on endeavor for more than a decade. As has the Maeflowers brand as a whole. As of 2019, this blog became the full-time landing page for, and the mission was simplified - to share truthful and factual information with educated and honest commentary.

In 2020, Maeflowers was brought under the Aliconia Publishing umbrella. The fact sheets and learning resources originally planned for Maeflowers have a home at the Aliconia site as part of the Just the Facts-Long-lasting Curriculum series. 

In the short-term, this blog is being cleaned up and updated, with posts restarting fresh with interesting facts and relevant discussions. The social media accounts remain the same. In the long-term, the commentary will be syndicated to a Medium publication and integrated into other forms, both digital and physical, to accompany the Curriculum series as appropriate.

This is the perfect opportunity to organize a collective of free information to help students learning from home, regardless of their age. One of Aliconia Publishing's common sentiments on social media is #readmorebooks, and Maeflowers is here to help anyone following that advice discover new avenues of learning.

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