Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laptop dangers: Toasted skin syndrome

Source: Altered Wikimedia image
Toasted skin syndrome, or heat induced circumscribed dermal melanosis (also known as erythema ab igne), has been described in a number of cases in which an individual used a hot object directly and repeatedly on their skin. The fire-like rash is caused by absorption of the irradiated heat. This condition is also seen with laptop users – 10 such cases have been reported in medical journals in the last 6 years. Laptop users who are affected by toasted skin syndrome exhibit a sponge or net-like pattern of brownish red lines on the affected area, generally on the upper leg or thigh, sometimes one or both depending on the user’s placement of the device. The condition as caused in this context is being dubbed “laptop-induced dermatosis” and was first described in 2004.

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