Profile: International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is a global nonprofit organization comprising three consortia of HIV/AIDS researchers. The consortia work with more than 50 academic, government, and private institutions and have so far tested nine vaccine candidates in 11 countries, concentrating on strains present in the developing world, as they account for 95 percent of new infections. IAVI was founded in 1996 in response to the global need for an HIV vaccine and other methods to curb the spread of AIDS outlined in a 1994 conference held by the Rockefeller Foundation.

In 2009, the AIDS vaccine community had proof-of concept success in Thailand, showing that a combinatorial vaccine was able to prevent 30% of HIV infections. The research community made additional progress in 2010 with broadly neutralizing antibody research, the focus of one of its consortia. The antibodies identified by the Neutralizing Antibody Consortium in 2009 have been taken up by other research groups in the National Institutes of Health, which may have found a model antibody for preventing more than 90% of HIV infections, the best vaccine candidate to date.

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