Cell phones and brain cancer

The recent news items about the World Health Organization's ruling on the "potential" for cell phones to cause cancer is based on contradictory research results that have been obtained for years. But the lead up to their recent decision really began a little over a year ago with the Interphone study. At that time, news reports stated that the WHO found that cells phones increase cancer risk with 30 minutes of use each day, but they actually said the opposite. The news was so keen on grabbing the headlines they didn't wait for the actually study results when reporting the sensationalistic "potential" headline.

The Interphone study was carried out for 4 years in 13 countries. It found that use of cell phones over 10 years did not conclusively increase cancer risk.

But the study had some methodology issues and potential conflicts of interest. Read more about the INTERPHONE study.

The contradictory results on glioma development is what prompted the WHO to play it safe and advise headset use with cell phones. In light of recent research on the increased energy use of brain regions near cell phone antennas indicates something is happening, even if it isn't an increased cancer risk.

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