The short and sweet - why does cortisone work?

Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory hormone. It's injected into areas that are inflamed - swollen joints, painful plantar fasciitis - or used systemically (e.g., allergy). It may also be used cutaneously as a cream (hydrocortisone) in the case of rashes. Sometimes it's a broader name given to corticosteroid injections, which are various types of steroid hormones.

These hormones are naturally produced by the body. We take advantage of their properties and inject them locally to increase their effects in that area (and some injections contain pain relievers that help) and systemically to give the system a boost. The hormone is metabolized to cortisol once it is in the body - the infamous stress hormone.

Essentially, the drug utilizes the natural system of the body to alleviate pain caused by inflammation by getting rid of the inflammation.

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