Friday, September 24, 2021

Morbid about mortality

You'll notice a new link over in the sidebar. I now have a publication at Medium that collates my health type articles that aren't in other publications. The most recent stories there have been about death. 

The past almost 2 years have been a very introspective time for me. Partly because in my editing job, I've been knee-deep in depressing data. Another part is my own health and the health of those close to me. It would have been a hard time period even without the pandemic.

I took part in the Medium Writers' Challenge last month and, though I hadn't originally planned on it, ended up writing on the topic of death. Specifically, that we need to Respect Death as a Natural Phenomenon. Even if we don't like it, the truth of the matter is that it's going to happen. To everyone. 

To get my mind off that morbid topic I delved into a bookcase in my house and pulled out a random book to read. About the plague. Because of course I did. 

Turns out, the Black Death has a lot in common with the COVID-19 pandemic. We haven't learned much from history, probably because we don't actually learn history. We just hear the parts people want to remember.


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