Thursday, August 4, 2022

HIV, genetic disease, and psilocybin E. Coli - Quora roundup

There have been some very interesting questions on the Maeflowers Quora in the last few weeks - the current trend is concerns about HIV and monkeypox, as well as the normal questions about inheriting diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. The most interesting questions though have been about a breakthrough in the production of psilocybin for mental health research.

 pPsilo16 E. coli

What are the effects of oral administration?

Could a human contract the bacteria?

Genetics and Alzheimer's

APOE4 and reducing the chances of developing Azheimer's

Loss of sense of smell in Alzheimer's? Isn't that like COVID?

What kind of diseases do gene therapy treat?


HIV testing

What's the testing protocol after PEP

How accurate is testing after PEP?

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